Ballistic Shields

Ballistic shields designed according to customer specifications

BPT has developed a unique exo-Skeleton Shield design, which enables the use of newer lightweight ballistic materials such as UHMWPE to be used on shields, while maintaining its structural integrity, as well as a base to attach equipment to so that there are no weak areas on the main areas of protection.

BPT has developed a wide range of materials which are used to manufacture ballistic Shields by utilizing Materials such as Ceramic, Aramid, UHMWPE, high strength fibreglass, polymers, special metals, high rigidity/low weight laminates and composites combining the advantage of each material in the correct ratio.  To ensure consistent quality, manufacturing processes include “Hot pressing”, vacuum bonding, “Auto claving”, hand laminating and special cutting processes such as waterjet cutting.


Ballistic Shield Designed to Customer Specifications

BPT has an Exo-skeleton design to improve structural integrity of the ballistic shield even with materials such as UHMWPE

Spec Sheet